ABC Cosplay Challenge!

V is for… Variants!

doing this a bit early since i kind of want to get off the computer and go to sleep early tonight.

Anyway here’s one thing I’ve always loved: Alternate outfits! I could fill up an entire post with just the Howl’s Moving Castle ones, but here’s four “alternate” character outfits I made. The first two I actually like. The second two could prooooobably have gone under Q (for Questionable choices, naturally), but I included them here for hilarity.

In order, we have:

  1. Rose Lalonde, MS Paint Adventures: Velvet Squiddleknit dress
  2. Lina Inverse, Slayers TRY: Alice in Wonderland outfit (worn in a mid-season filler episode)
  3. Howl, Howl’s Moving Castle: Hairdye accidentally orange version (WHY THE FUCK DID I DO THIS)
  4. Xelloss, Slayers NEXT: Cooking apron (probably wouldn’t have actually been so bad had I actually worn makeup and had this wig not been the single worst wig I ever put on my head.)

Normally the more I like a character the more I want to cosplay every version of them, but also sometimes I just like a variant outfit more than the original. I definitely want to do regular version Lina Inverse though, I’ll tell you that! And there’s probably more Roses in the future because I really liked being her.